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At Insurance Crazy, we help you in finding the right auto insurance at a rate that is sensible for you, the amount of coverage you actually need, connect with providers offering the best rates and see what drivers like you are paying for the same car insurance, which instantly verifies your customer data to provide a detailed and integrated user experience to provide the real time best car insurance quotes.

We help people feel comfortable shopping for insurance online through our unique interface, that helps to analyze millions of records, identify patterns and build models to match to your profile.

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We help people feel comfortable shopping for insurance online through our unique interface, that helps to analyze millions of records, identify patterns and build models to match to your profile. Based on these models, by providing personalized recommendation to help you make the most confident decision about buying the right car insurance from the right insure. Being driven by technology that helps you save time and money on your insurance every year by saving a lot of your hard earned money.

We promise that we only share unbiased information about how to shop for car insurance, what you should pay for car insurance, and what you should expect from your auto insurance policy. We only provide accurate information from data-based reporting and research from Quadrant Information Services, the Insurance Information Institute, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Insurance Crazy is not just a typical car insurance company, but a bunch of analytics experts who are striving hard in finding a simple way to figure out what type of car insurance you need, compare coverage, help you understand not only which company gives you the best rate, but last but not the least, the type of coverage you actually deserve.

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  • Get instant quotes from the car insurance carriers in your zip code
  • Find the best coverage for your needs based on your personal profile
  • Compare real-time quotes & save money
  • Buy insurance through our dedicated agents
  • Make sure you get all of your discounts and then you are ready to buy
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  • Save big on coverage and renewals
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  • Control how your info is shared
  • We’ll help cancel your old policy with a new one


We take pride in providing you with the perfectly tailored quotes which offer right coverage at the right price instantly!!

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Did you know Car insurance isn’t the same in every state? We help you understand how your state laws affect insurance and how you can get the best possible insurance rates.


We recommend best car insurance plans based on your budget to avoid overpaying for insurance you don’t need.

Get different types of Car Insurance

Learn about the various types of car insurance coverage that make up your policy and buy the best policy suited for your car.

Get help for High-Risk Drivers

Learn how to get the best insurance at the best price given your situation like if you have a spotty driving record, tickets, accidents, a DUI etc. then ending up paying high car insurance rates.

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Learn how to best insure yourself or your family while paying fair car insurance rates like your teens and other new drivers pay much higher rates than experienced drivers.