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Insurance Crazy offers high-quality data leads and lives calls delivered to your agency ready for a quote.

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No Minimum Business & Contracts

We promise to deliver you Pay-per-lead or pay-per-call with no minimums or contracts.

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Now you can customize your leads by selecting your geographic location, filters, quantity, delivery method and the number of opportunities you want to receive.

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  • Founded by insurance professionals
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  • Agent-friendly credit policy


Control Your Quantity & Filters

At Insurance Crazy, agents are in complete control right from creating an account to decide how many prospects you want to receive and when to receive them.

Get Sure Prospects

We promise to deliver highly convertible prospects by using a variety of marketing techniques by locating high intent insurance shoppers, verifying their interest, and immediately sharing the prospect via data lead or live call.

Get guaranteed results

Our dedicated account managers are always on hand to answer questions and provide assistance to help you succeed, generate more business & earn great money.