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5 Crazy Simple Ways to Buy Auto Insurance & Save Money!

5 Crazy Simple Ways to Buy Auto Insurance & Save Money!

Don’t feel like you are at the mercy of those insurance companies! Go a little crazy with these 5 simple way to save on insurance.

  1. Know Your Discounts

    There are plenty of discounts available! It’s crazy! There are good student discounts, association discounts, mileage discounts, and senior discounts just to name a few. Not every company offers the same discount so nose around and see what you can fine.

  2. Raise Your Deductible

    The higher the deductible the lower your premiums will be. The deductible is how much you pay before your auto insurance company picks up the tab. If you can afford a larger out-of-pocket payment when you file a claim, consider raising your deductible.

  3. Improve Your Credit Score

    Insurance companies see your credit score as a measure of your risk. So, if you want cheaper car insurance, work on getting your credit score higher. Pay those bills on time.

  4. Maintain Good Driving Record

    Don’t drive crazy! Being safe behind the wheel also saves you money. If you have tickets then the cost for insurance will be higher. So slow down and stay off that phone and a crazy good rate is in your future.

  5. Sign-up For an Incentive Program

    Some companies will offer a discount if you allow them to monitor your driving. They use a phone app or small, installable tool and offer premium reductions based on your skills.  This is a crazy easy way to save.