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Breaking Up With Your Auto Insurance Company

Breaking Up With Your Auto Insurance Company

Breaking Up With Your Auto Insurance Company

(Breaking up is not hard to do…but you have to do it right)

It’s a special relationship between you and your auto insurance company. And just like a relationship with a human partner a break up usually happens when you’re angry and disappointed about something. The insurance company is charging you a premium that is too high. Or perhaps they have denied a claim. Don’t act emotionally and just cancel your policy. You should be cool and use your head just like you should in your relationship with humans.

Timing is everything. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before your policy renews so that you can shop around. You don’t want to be desperately looking for insurance. Take your time. Get at least three different quotes. Make sure that the quotes are for the same type of insurance. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Don’t commit to a new company just based on their quote. Do a little digging. Go online and see how they treat their customers. Ask friends if anyone has ever worked with the company. Beauty could be only quote deep! Do your research and find out how the company treats people. Reputation is everything.

So you have found the new company, the love of you and your car’s life. Great! Before you cancel your old policy make sure there are no cancellation penalty. There probably isn’t but just make sure. Don’t cancel your policy until you have purchased a new one from your new insurance company. So buy the new policy and then cancel the old one.  It’s important that you simply don’t stop paying premiums for your old policy. Be sure to call or write to notify the company that you’re ending your policy and are going with someone else. You also want to follow up to make sure you get written confirmation that you’ve canceled. This can protect you in the future and also your credit rating.

It’s always exciting to be in a new relationship and there is always a honeymoon period. This is also the case with you and your new insurance company. You don’t have to send gifts or candy but you should make sure you don’t have any speeding tickets or claims in the first 90 days. Should that happen the company can drop the policy. You don’t want that to happen. So be extra careful.