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Started in the mid-2018, Insurancecrazy.com, is a car insurance comparison site, which displays numerous car insurance quotes from most trusted and top auto insurance carriers and allows consumers to find the best value according to their needs like budget, type of coverage, value etc… Insurance Crazy was established with a motto to simplify online auto insurance shopping for auto drivers allowing them to receive real, unbiased quotes from fully licensed, auto insurance companies across the USA.

Insurancecrazy.com, permits drivers to personalize their auto insurance policy choosing a single form that is online guiding you through the procedure the entire time – and immediately returns multiple accurate, personalized quotes from licensed car insurance carriers.

Yes, we promise to deliver the quotes that are true and real time comparison because the insurance companies available through Insurancecrazy.com consider the exact same driver and vehicle information in order to quote a price, provided you compare the available quotes.

Yes, Insurance Crazy is committed to providing only the best policy quote, since the driver and vehicle assumptions are the same across all potential policies, drivers can be sure, that they are reviewing comparable quotes to buy the policy for the best price.

You can quickly research and compare auto insurance quotes yourself any time of day and see multiple quotes side-by-side. And it’s just as easy to make an immediate policy purchase directly from a trusted auto insurance provider.

Insurancecrazy.com only offers quotes from trusted, licensed, reputable insurers. Our panel of car insurance companies consists strictly of insurance providers approved by each state’s Department of Insurance keeping your information safe and secure.

No, Insurancecrazy.com is completely free to use, consumers do not pay any fees or increased premiums because they found a car insurance policy through the site.

Insurancecrazy.com offers car insurance quotes that will meet all needs, be it for singles, families, experienced drivers, new drivers, everyone and in between with different packages from various car insurance companies across United States.

Insurancecrazy.com allows visitors to purchase their auto policies directly from licensed insurers all over fifty states across USA.

Yes, Insurancecrazy.com ensures to keep your personal information private. By utilizing multiple layers of security, we ensure that the information you provide to get a quote is protected and absolutely safe & secure.

Insurance Crazy as a tool for car insurance comparison and offering real, unbiased quotes is what distinguishes us from other car insurance sites, which shows drivers actual, real-time quotes that they can immediately purchase from an insurance carrier.

The process is very simple, you will be asked for the basic information the insurance providers on our site require to issue you a real quote for a car insurance policy by entering the single form, one-time quote process. That includes some basic information about you, your vehicle, your driving record, and limited information about any other drivers you’d like to insure on your policy.

We believe, that we answered most of your questions about Insurancecrazy.com? If you still have something you want to know, then send us a note at contactus@insurancecrazy.com or talk to our executives. We’d love to hear from you!